Building An Effective Health and Safety Management System - Based on the New View

Why many health and safety management system implementations fail.

1. Efforts focus on system parts rather than the whole and more importantly the coupling of the parts. The effectiveness of the system is the product of the interaction of system parts not the sum of the parts taken separately. This concept is eloquently described by the late Russell Ackoff in the YouTube to the right.

2. Management systems are implemented based entirely on what the organization doesn't want rather than what it does want.  Eliminating compliance violations, incidents and non conformances is important but not sufficient.  

Comparison of Traditional and New View Management Systems

ANSI/ASSE Z10, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

PC 283, ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems

Other OH&S Management System Standards and Guidelines

Resources including documents, PowerPoint presentations and web links

Critical Management System Questions

  • Are current management system standards and guidelines sufficient to implement the new view?
  • Proposals have been made to create national and international standard for resilience management systems.  Is a specific management system standard needed to support resilience efforts of should existing management system standards be modified to accommodate resilience? (Similar questions have been raised regarding high reliability.)
  •  If a new resilience management system standard is needed, should the standard be broad and generic to cover all aspects of resilience enterprise resilience to health and safety or should a number of standards be developed specific to various types of resilience applications?